"Thank you so much Jesse for sharing this wonderful space and music with us. I experienced many different things; from arid dry landscapes to underwater caves--I was certainly on a journey. I loved the intimacy of the treehouse, the smell of the wood, hearing the birds and planes–everything!"

“Thank you for sharing your talent with us this evening. Your music is only exceeded by your passion. … We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary.”

“We really enjoyed the relaxing and motivational music. This was a Father’s Day present for me and I truly loved it. It helped me relax.”

“What a nice time! Moira (11 months) loved her first concert and the cookies and juice. Thank you so much.”

“What an amazing experience! Thank you Jesse! You are a wonderful musician. This night will be one we won’t soon forget!”

“Absolutely magical! Thanks so much for having us; you have a mesmerizing way of transforming people through sound.”

“What an amazing and so intimate experience! Love your ‘house’.”

“Thank you for sharing your rooftop aerie and your incredible talent. It was a little piece of heaven!”

“Thanks for the wonderful music Jesse! We really enjoyed the treehouse concert!”

“What you’ve done here is amazing, the concept and your generosity to help kids in this way is truly admirable! I’m inspired to build a treehouse as well.”

“Thanks Jesse!!! The most intimate performance I’ve ever seen!”

“Such a magical experience, Jesse. Your enchanting treehouse sets the stage for a delightfully contemplative adventure in music. Thank you so much for transporting us into your sonic creations. The ultimate intimate musical experience!”

“It was a truly memorable experience! We really enjoyed our private show and I personally enjoyed jamming with you. A truly great 30th birthday present!!”

“Absolutely fabulous.”

“An amazing experience!!”

“What a unique experience. Thanks Jesse”

“Like nothing I have ever experienced, nor likely ever will again. Memorable and extraordinary to say the least.”

“Awesome experience. Has really spurred the imagination abd creative juices. Thank you so much.”

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